• Besides being with my family, teaching and working with students is what I love to do!  As a graduate from University of Missouri-Columbia and Fontbonne University, my knowledge and passion in Career Technical Education (CTE) and Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) is evident in our daily lessons, interactions, and professional growth in the Parkway School District.  I believe students should be college and career ready based upon industry skills and standards.  In our FACS classes, we focus on competencies, skills, and work ethic standards for the real world.  Students are engaged, hands on, and enhancing their critical thinking skills as they transfer their knowledge to authentic experiences of the work world.  Students learn critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, cooperation, self direction and transfer skills.  We work closely with industry leaders to ensure students are prepared for the real world.


    How to be a Successful FACS Student

    FACS Movie 2016-2017