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    FACS Student Success - tips for success in FACS classes

    Intro to Teaching 

    In this course, you will receive a general introduction to the area of education and teaching.  Course topics include:  learning styles, teaching methodologies, cultural responsiveness and a focus on data-driven decision making in the schooling system.  This course focuses on the general theory and practice of learning and teaching; the basic principles of educational psychology; the art of teaching; the planning and administration of educational activities; school safety and health issues; and the social foundations of education. Passing this course is a pre-requisite for Student Teaching course  where students will be observing, interacting and teaching in the classroom environment over a twelve week time period.  Some college credit is available at the beginning of the Student Teaching course.

    Student Teaching (pre-req Intro to Teaching)

    In the course, you will teach for 16 weeks in a classroom of your choice in or out of the district.  You will have specfic requirements with approved universities for dual credit (please see above link for details of the requirements of the course).  

    Special Events - Field trips to local schools/preschools, trip to Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA, and other children's museums. 

    Intro to Teaching Syllabus  - 

    How to be a Successful FACS Student


    College Requirements, Paperwork & Deadlines