Welcome to the classroom website for Brian Adam, known as "BA" at Parkway Central.

    Know that I use Google Classroom for web content.  

    All students are in google classroom and it is updated regularly. If a student misses class, they are able and encouraged to consult the Google Cassroom for what we did in class and any needed resources.

    Parents:  keep track of your student's classroom progress through parent e-mail summaries. You can choose the frequency of the emails--daily or weekly--and you can unsubscribe or remove yourself from Classroom at any time.

    Parent E-mail Summaries include:

    • Missing work--work that's late at the time the e-mail was sent.
    • Upcoming Work--work that's due today and tomorrow (for daily e-mails) or work that's due in the upcoming week.
    • Class Activity--Announcements, assignments, and qeustions recently posted by teachers.

    You must receive an accept an e-mail invitation before you can receive e-mail summaries. Please contact this teacher (contact information is in the Staff Directory) if you wish to be invited to Google Classroom.


     BA drawn as a caricature