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    Menus and Nutrition Facts at Your Fingertips in the Parkway App
    Chartwells K12 continues to bring technology to the forefront of the dining experience to help prioritize healthy food choices and understand ingredients to help protect your children from allergic reactions. Menus will be available in the Parkway app which include nutrition information, allergens and photos. The app is available on desktop and mobile devices. You can download the free Parkway Schools app from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and search for your menus or find them on the web at

    Learn how to log in and create a Nutrislice account here!

    Innovative Food and Nutrition Education Programs 
    Keeping school meals fun and engaging and making meal time a place for students to connect with others and recharge is part of who we are. Our goal is to continue to inspire healthy eating habits and spark a culinary curiosity to last a lifetime through these enhanced programs for Parkway students.

    •       Student Choice: We are bringing the latest food trends to school menus to give middle and high school students a voice in deciding what food concepts are featured and developing new menu items.
    •       Mood Boost: This innovative program helps our elementary and middle school students connect what they eat with how they feel. It features recipes and characters that focus on six moods: Smart, Happy, Confident, Alert, Strong and Calm.
    •       Discovery Kitchen: Designed to make nutrition education fun and entertaining, our chefs and dietitians have created a new program that gets kids cooking, trying new foods and learning about what they’re eating. Each month will have a different theme and activities.

    Free meals
    All meals including breakfast and lunch will be distributed for free to all students K-12 during the 2021-22 school year. This free program is provided to all public school districts with federal USDA funding.

    Through sharing our passion for great tasting food, instilling a desire for food discovery, and most importantly, providing nourishing meals, we're excited to continue serving up happy and healthy food to your children in the year ahead.

    Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Marlene Pfeiffer at

    More Meals Information for 2021-22
    Ala-Carte sales in Elementary are limited to second entrees or extra drinks. Students will need funds in their meal accounts in order to purchase drinks. Snack bars will be open in middle and high schools. Students must have funds in their accounts to purchase items at the snack bar.

    All adult meals must be purchased. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not cover any adult meals or purchases.

    How to deposit money into meal accounts if needed:

    • Online deposits with MySchoolBucks
    • Deposit by cash or check in a deposit envelope and dropped in the box at the school office or cafe

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