Internet Deposits

  • Dear Parents/Guardians: 

    It is not necessary to use internet deposits on the Lunchbox system. The deposit boxes at school are always available for your convenience.  Viewing account balances and retrieving histories requires you to enroll with Online deposits are an additional feature on this website.

    Debit and credit card deposits:   One Pay Info Sheet

    No deposits will be posted during the weekend or holidays. All deposits will receive confirmation back from myschoolbucks.  If you have not received this confirmation please check to make sure your payment was properly processed.  PAYMENTS CAN TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS TO CREDIT YOUR CHILD'S ACCOUNT.  Please allow this time when planning your child's purchases. You may also be notified by MySchoolBucks when your child has a low balance.

    We are extremely pleased with the participation that we’ve seen during this past year with internet deposits. More than 10,100 households have signed up for the service since last fall. The following information provides answers to many common questions. Rest assured that information about you and your children will remain secure at all times.

    How does it work?

    Heartland Payment Systems, which provides this solution to the District, is under the name mySchoolBucks™. This secure, online information and payment system will provide you with all of the convenience and service of online deposits with added features and enhanced security.  Once payments have been made in order to receive a refund, you must contact the Nutrition Services office at 314-415-8246 or email Susan Barks at she will need the name of your student, who to make the check payable to, and the address to mail the check, you may also contact Lisa Tindle at 314-415-8245 or email

    You will be able to make payments using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit card, debit card or by personal electronic check. A dedicated help desk will be staffed with personnel ready to assist you with questions and concerns.

    Is mySchoolBucks secure?

    Yes. The District has reviewed the security practices and information provided by Heartland Payment Systems. The system is securely hosted by our provider in a secure facility that includes multiple firewalls, SSL, and other security measures. Any information that is provided to mySchoolBucks is encrypted using 256?bit encryption, and meets all industry and Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification requirements.       


    Besides being much more secure, mySchoolBucks can be used on Windows PCs running Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera browsers, Mac systems running Safari or Firefox browsers, plus Apple iPads and iPhones!

    How do I use mySchoolBucks?

    You may make deposits using the website. You will need to create a new account with mySchoolBucks, but the process takes less than three minutes and is very intuitive. MySchoolBucks will store your information using very high levels of security.

    With the mySchoolBucks system, you will have the ability to view account balances and information for all of your children without using the internet deposits function.

    However, if you do choose to use internet deposits, you may sign up for automated low balance alerts, automated replenishments when the account balance falls below an amount you select and much more. However, the only time that a fee is charged is when a payment is made.

    The fee structure for online payments is straightforward. You can make payments using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, Debit Card), or your bank account. The fee for all payment methods is a flat $2.75 per session, for one or more students, and multiple schools. This fee is charged by Heartland Payment Systems, which is the third-largest online payment processor in the country. A fee is charged to support the service and, as always, online payments are completely optional. You can also set up an E-Check with MySchoolBucks. If you pay a set fee, then there is no per-transaction fee.


    MySchoolBucks is a hosted site and has a fully-staffed help desk to help you with questions.  All customer support will be handled through the mySchoolBucks website instead of the Nutrition Service Office. Customer Service #1-855-832-5226.

    Food Service Office email: