The Allergy Guide


    Parkway Nutrition Services takes food allergies seriously and is here to help navigate the menus when necessary. Please note that our menus can be filtered by the 9 major allergens. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a student's food allergies, please contact Kenny Witte.


    Kenny Witte MS, RDN, LD, CSCS

    Resident Dietitian


    Phone: 314-415-8223


    The USDA requires a physician's statement before food service staff in the Child Nutrition Program can make meal accommodations and provide a safe meal for a child with a food allergy.


    If your child has a food allergy and does not have a 504 plan on file, please have a physician fill out the meal modification form below.

    This form should either be e-mailed to Kenny Witte or turned in to the school nurse. 


    Meal Modification Form 


    Example Meal Modification Form