• Strategic Plan Overview

    For nearly a year and a half, Parkway engaged parents, students, and staff to gather input, information, and perspectives to help shape the district’s new strategic plan. During this initiative, Project Parkway 3.0, over 1,200 individuals provided input into the district’s direction through in-person focus groups and community meetings. Thousands more contributed through Vision Venues at each school and participated through several opportunities to provide online input. In June 2024, the Project Parkway Steering Committee formally presented the five-year strategic plan to the Board of Education. This plan serves as a framework both for the long-term direction of the district and the specific plans for each school year.


    1. We believe each student can learn and succeed in school.
    2. We believe in empowering each student to develop their skills, talents, and passions, so they can be successful in life and beyond school.
    3. We believe in allocating resources responsibly, equitably, and effectively to support student success in and beyond school.

    Focus Areas

    The 2024-2029 Strategic Plan is organized around three focus areas that translate these beliefs into actions. Each focus area is comprised of three long-term aims that guide our direction.

  • How Do We Make This Real?

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