At a Glance

  • Our Student Body*

    White 59.7%
    Black or African-American 15.8%
    Asian 13.3%
    Hispanic 5.1%
    Multi-racial 5.8%
    Indian 0.2%

    * Includes 1,147 voluntary transfer students from the City of St. Louis who are 6.5 percent of the total enrollment


    Average Class Sizes

    Elementary (K-5) 20
    Middle School (6-8) 17
    High School (9-12) 20

    Graduation Rate

    Parkway 95.8%
    Missouri 90.8%

    Dropout Rate

    Parkway 0.8%
    Missouri 2.0%

    National Merit Scholars

    2018 National Merit Awards: 41

    Graduates Going on to College

    Parkway 89.9%
    Missouri 67.3%

    State Testing

    Parkway earned 98.9 percent on the 2018 report card released by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    Number of Employees

    Total Parkway employees 2,591

    Certified classroom teachers 1,288

    Average Years of Experience (Professionals)

    Parkway 14.4

    Missouri 12.8

    Percentage of Certified Staff with a Masters Degree or Above

    Parkway 82.3%

    Missouri 61.4%

    Average Teacher Salaries

    Parkway $66,843

    Missouri $48,619

Contact Information

  • Parkway School District
    Administrative Center
    (314) 415-8100

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About Us

  • Parkway is conveniently located in west St. Louis County with easy access to services, shopping, businesses, churches and synagogues, parks, recreation and the arts. With 68 square miles of suburban living spaces, there are homes, apartments and condominiums in many price ranges and settings within Parkway.

    With about 17,500 students, it is one of the largest districts in St. Louis County and in Missouri. Parkway’s 28 schools and early childhood centers are renowned for their achievements, with 17 Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education from the U.S. Department of Education and 19 Gold Star Awards from the State of Missouri. While each school is unique, collectively they make up one of the highest performing school districts in the country.