Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Parkway Celebrates the Solar Eclipse

  • On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be able to view a Solar Eclipse.  Parkway School District is almost completely within the narrow band of totality. To celebrate this historic event, all students and staff in Parkway will be able to view the Solar Eclipse.  Each school will be planning learning events for the day culminating in a viewing of the total Solar Eclipse.

    When is the Solar Eclipse?

    Why is this such a big deal?

    • The last time a total solar eclipse occurred in the greater St. Louis area was 1442.

    • St. Louis will not experience another total solar eclipse until 2505.

    • Parkway’s boundaries are almost completely within the path of totality.

    • Every student and employee will be given the opportunity to view the eclipse.

    How will Parkway students and staff view the eclipse safely?

    • All students and staff will be given a pair of Eclipse Shades. The Eclipse Shades meet the CE and ISO requirements for safe viewing.

    • Any time you are looking at the sun, the shades should be worn. What precautions are being taken to keep students safe?

    • Students will be instructed to keep their shades on at all times.

    • If a student is unable to wear the shades, there are other viewing options: looking at the shadows that are made through the leaves, links to make pinhole cameras, students can also 

    How can I help prepare my Parkway student to view the eclipse?

    • Review this safety presentation with your child.

    • Watch this short video about safely viewing an eclipse and discuss with your student

    • Practice properly putting on eclipse shades as shown in the video using 3D movie glasses or sunglasses. (Be sure to do this inside or in a location where you will not be looking directly at the sun.)

    • If you do not want your student to participate, please click here.

    Are there resources available to learn more about the Solar Eclipse?


Safe Viewing

  • Parkway will be providing Eclipse Shades for every student and employee in Parkway.  

    The Eclipse Shades meet the ISO and CE standards for safe viewing. Our eclipse shades were purchased from Rainbow Symphony, which is recognized as a reputable manufacturer of solar viewer products by the American Astronomical Society.  

    Parkway Eclipse Shades