What Parents Need to Know in an Emergency

  • Parents at the impacted school will receive frequent text and email updates.

    All parents in the district will receive text and email notifications if more than one school is impacted or if the situation requires community members to avoid the area.

    Those who received notification about an emergency response will receive a notification when the all-clear is given.

    Parents Guide to Emergency Response Code

    Students will not be released to parents during a Code Yellow (shelter-in-place) or Code Orange (lockdown) since school personnel will not open exterior doors during this time. Once authorities have established that the environment is safe and a Code Green (all clear), students will be released to parents/guardians.

    Parents will not be permitted to pick up their children during a Code Red (Intruder) until released by an administrator or law enforcement. This restricted access will be done only when absolutely necessary and with the best interest of the students and the staff in mind.

    Certain emergency situations may require us to evacuate and leave the school campus. If this occurs, students will be taken by bus to an alternate, safe location away from the school to reunite with parents. Parkway has partnerships with local community organizations that allow us to use their facilities as emergency reunification locations if ever necessary. If an emergency reunification is necessary, parents will be notified of the location so they can come and pick up their children.

    During emergencies, students will only be released to authorized parents/guardians or to those who possess written permission from a parent or guardian.  Everyone picking up students will be required to present proper identification for students to be released.

    Staying Informed
    Parkway Connect is our automated communications system for general information and emergency messages. Parents will receive phone calls, emails and/or text messages in the event of an emergency at your child’s school.

    Keep your Information Updated
    It’s important to keep your contact information updated so we can contact you in the event of an emergency. Login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal here or update your settings in the Infinite Campus Parent app.

    Other Sources of Emergency Information
    Emergency communications will also be available on Parkway’s website at www.parkwayschools.net as well FacebookTwitter and Instagram.