• We encourage students, parents and residents to report safety and security concerns and feel assured that their information will be immediately evaluated, responded to and held in the strictest confidence. The Parkway Safety Tipline and the 415-SAFE phone line are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to anyone wishing to report any information.

    You can send a tip here or call 314-415-SAFE (7233).

    If you have a safety concern and need to talk to someone immediately, please call our 24-HOUR SECURITY OFFICE at 314.415.8200.

    If you need to reach the Security Badging Office, call 314.415.8262

    Ensuring our schools are safe environments where all students can reach their full potential requires a multi-faceted approach.

    Our safety features include:

    • 24/7 on-site Parkway security department, cameras, alarm systems and physical security checks at all buildings
    • Employee ID badges and visitor screening and ID requirements
    • Interior and exterior security cameras in all schools
    • Single point of entry during school hours
    • Emergency communications and messaging systems and lockdown buttons
    • Emergency 24/7 safety tip line
    • Police officers from local agencies in all middle and high schools (SROs); regular contact with and patrolling of elementary schools
    • Video cameras on school buses
    • Classroom panic buttons
    • Double-entry security vestibules at front entrances
    • Intruder resistant safety film on doors and windows
    • Safety drills for fire, tornado, earthquake and intruder
    • Intruder training for all employees
    • Crisis Response Teams in every school/building
    • Crisis Response Manuals
    • Emergency response procedures and training for staff
    • Regional partnerships and frequent planning with local police, fire and emergency medical services

    keeping students safe


    Parkway uses a color-coded alert system to notify staff and students of the need to respond to an immediate emergency in or near a school or building. Please see below for more detailed information regarding Parkway's procedures.

    Code Red (Intruder):  A Code Red occurs when there is an immediate and hostile threat at a school. This may involve a weapon on campus, a dangerous intruder or any situation that threatens the safety of students and staff. A Code Red announcement is made. Staff and students must seek immediate cover in a locked room or escape. All school activities cease and 911 is called. Students and staff remain in lockdown until released by law enforcement.

    Code Orange (Lockdown): A Code Orange most often occurs during a police investigation or a medical emergency that requires hallways to be clear. During a Code Orange, exterior doors are locked and unauthorized visitors may not enter the building until the all-clear is given. Students and staff must remain inside secured classrooms. Learning may continue in classrooms, but school activities cease since students cannot move throughout the building. Normal school activities may resume after the all-clear is given by authorities.

    Code Yellow (Shelter in Place):  A Code Yellow prevents unauthorized persons or visitors from entering the building, and requires students and staff to remain inside. During Code Yellow, all exterior doors are locked, and the main entrance is monitored by administrators, security or the school resource officer (SRO). This procedure allows the school to continue with the normal school day, but outside activity is curtailed. It is most commonly used when a law enforcement incident is actively occurring outside a school building, on or off school property. Depending on the specific incident, students may be required to remain in school for an extended period of time until the all-clear is given by authorities.

    Code Blue (Severe Weather): A Severe Weather Alert is used when students and staff need to take cover due to severe weather such as a tornado.

    Code Green (All Clear): A Code Green (All Clear) is used to cancel any of the other  emergency responses. Code Green is the normal (safe) condition we are in every day.   A Code Green announcement is made followed by instructions from a recognized administrator or emergency responder. Normal activities resume only when directed to do so.

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