Meal Information and Pricing

  • All meals will be charged as full-price until a free/reduced application has been processed and approved.

    Students must have funds in their account to purchase ala carte items. 

    Student meal pricing:

    $2.35- full price
    $0.30- reduced priced

    $3.25- full price
    $0.40- reduced price

    Adult meal pricing:  Breakfast $3.35 - Lunch $4.25

    Negative Balance Policy
    All students who go through the line to get a reimbursable meal will be served the reimbursable meal they have in their hands, even if they don’t have funds in their account. All reimbursable meals will be charged to a students' account, despite the account balance. Students will not be allowed to charge a-la-carte items.    

    Nutrition Services will send charge letters to families via e-mail to notify them when their account is in the negative.

    What is a reimbursable meal?

    • The lunch meal patterns consist of five food components:
      • Fruits
      • Vegetables
      • Grains
      • Meat/Meat Alternate
      • Fluid Milk
        • Students must take at least three food items. One selection must be a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable.
    • The breakfast meal pattern consists of three food components:
      • Fruit/Vegetable
      • Grains (Meat/Meat Alternate may be utilized)
      • Fluid Milk
        • Students must take at least three food items. One selection must be a fruit or vegetable.

    Alacarte options are provided to allow students to purchase additional food items to satisfy their appetite and to fuel their mind and body. We think it is important to offer variety of options & to ensure that food is always available. Every snack that is sold in the cafeteria must meet Smart Snacks Guidelines set by the USDA.

    A La Carte Pricing

    Elementary School A La Carte Pricing

    Middle School A La Carte Pricing

    High School A La Carte Pricing


    Tiered Menu Items and Pricing