• The Academies at Central Middle: Empower 

  • Our Mission: 
    Students in the EMPOWER Academy will become increasingly self-directed in their learning while becoming more actively involved in decisions pertaining to their education. 

    The Empower Academy is designed to: 

    • Empower students to know themselves as learners. 
    • Gradually increase student ownership of their own learning. 
    • Provide opportunities for student voice and choice. 
    • Grow student independence and active participation in academic and social decisions. 
    • Increase student engagement through authentic, real-world connections.

    Key Idea 1: Learner Profiles
    Students are empowered to learn how to be their best by understanding their strengths and areas of growth as a learner.

    Key Idea 2: Student Goal Setting
    Students are empowered to set and achieve high academic and social goals. 

    Key Idea 3: Real-World Connections
    Students are empowered to demonstrate learning through real-world problem-solving and applications.

    Key Idea 4: Gradual Release of Ownership and Increased Voice and Choice
    Students are empowered to take a steadily increasing amount of control over their learning.

The empower academy

  • 5 Questions That COULD Describe An EMPOWER Student:

    • Do you see yourself becoming increasingly self-directed as a learner?
    • Do you wish to gain increased ownership over how you learn? 
    • Do you want to know yourself better as a learner?
    • Do you want to find authentic ways to connect your learning to real-world situations?
    • Do you wish to have increased voice and choice in your learning?

Possible 6th Grade Schedule: All Class Days

Possible 6th Grade Schedule: Block Days

Possible 7th/8th Grade Schedule: All Class Days

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