Welcome to the 27th year of Henry’s Reading

    Recognition Program, The Reader in Me!


    Please join us in this effort to help foster a lifelong love of reading in all Henry students. This year’s program begins with the first log due date of Thursday, October 03, 2023 and runs through the last prize distribution date of Friday, May 10, 2024. Our goal is to have all of our students read outside of school every day and develop a lifelong love of reading.




    The Reader in Me is a reading recognition program where students earn books and prizes through reading.  Only reading done away from school is recognized.  For example, reading as homework, being read to and reading a magazine all count.  Audio books also qualify.  However, reading completed at school does not qualify for the program.  


    As your child reads or is read to, record the book title and the minutes read on the attached paper reading log. Please round minutes up to the nearest 5 minutes. For example, if your child reads for 27 minutes, please round up and record 30 minutes.  Also, please total the minutes and have a parent, grandparent, or adult sign the bottom of the log on the signature line. 


    Reading logs are due no later than 9am on the log due date to be eligible for prize distribution the following Friday.  Please make sure your student’s name is on the log. Logs without names cannot be counted. Completed logs can be turned in to the designated baskets in the grade level project areas at school.   The complete schedule can be found below.


    Your student will receive a book or prize each distribution day as a new level is reached (300 minutes for K-2 and 500 minutes for 3-5).  Minutes are cumulative, so they will add up with each submission. If you happen to miss a log submission date, please just save it for the next one. We don’t accept late logs.


    Students who complete ten levels will be recognized in May.


    Reading Log - Front Page (.pdf)

    Reading Log - Front Page (.docx)

    Reading Log - Back Page (.pdf)

    Reading Log - Back Page (.docx)

    * Reader In Me Calendar 2023/2024 *

    Reader In Me 2023/2024 Level Guide