• Please feel free to contact me at the following:

    Mrs. Kate Furjes


    314-415-5000 Main Office

    314-415-3022 Classroom Phone

    Please feel free to call the classroom phone number before or after school to leave a message.

    Between the hours of 8:50-4:00, please call the office because they will ensure your message will get to me if you need to speak at length.

    Email is always the quickest form of communication and is easily accessible throughout the school day. 

    However, in the event of an emergency or change in your child's dismissal plans, please email or call me before 2:30.  If you have not received a reply from me by 2:30 please follow up with a phone call to the office at 314-415-5000 to ensure your child gets home safely.  We ask that changes to transportation after 2:30 are not made unless it is an absolute emergency.