• Nominate a grad for the Parkway Hall of Fame Class of '24 

    Deadline for submitting a nomination is March 1, 2024.

    The Parkway Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the 2024 Parkway Alumni Association Hall of Fame class. Parkway graduates chosen for the Parkway Hall of Fame are those who have made a noteworthy impact on the lives of others through their work in their respective career fields or through their unique contributions to their community.

    This class of honorees will be recognized at the Parkway Alumni Association Hall of Fame Gala on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2024 in St. Louis. These inductees will join in the rich tradition established in 2004 of honoring graduates from one of the premier school districts in the nation. Inductees and nominators are expected to attend in order to receive the honor.

    To make a nomination, complete and submit the nomination form below.  It is recommended that you gather all the information prior to completing the form.  

    Please provide details of the nominee’s accomplishments that qualify this individual for Parkway Hall of Fame distinction by addressing the topics listed below. Including a letter of recommendation that makes this person a compelling nominee is encouraged.  Letters and additional supporting information will need to be submitted separately by emailing them to Sandy Riutcel, PAA executive director, at sriutcel@parkwayschools.net.

    The Nominee Credentials section of the electronic form includes the following topics.  Feel free to address each topic in a separate document and then copy and paste into the form. 

    • Nominee’s education and/or related history 
    • State why you believe this nominee should be recognized as one of Parkway’s distinguished Hall of Fame alumni.  Identify high levels of achievement, major recognitions and other accomplishments.
    • How did the nominee’s time in Parkway impact his/her life? 
    • Describe the impact in the individual’s career field. The impact may include major new findings, inventions, literature or research. 
    • Identify how the nominee has been a unique leader. Their leadership may include contributions to an area of specialty, the start-up of a new entity, an activity that impacts others or the development of innovative practices. 
    • Describe the nominee’s contributions to the wellbeing and quality of life for those in their locale, region or larger community.