• Granting Dreams for Parkway Students

    The Parkway Alumni Association sponsors the Granting Dreams Program, which administers three types of grants to students for their educational endeavors. These grants include: Granting Dreams (Dream Grants) for Parkway K-12 students, Phelps Entrepreneurship Grants and Baker Music Scholars Awards. Please read the applications and the information below for details. Submission dates for 2018 are Jan. 4 - Feb. 14 (by 4 p.m.). 

    Granting Dreams (Dream Grants) is for Parkway K-12 students eager to explore new learning opportunities. Students can be awarded up to $250 to finance their dream, or they may be awarded community resources and/or alumni support. Students are encouraged to submit requests that demonstrate a commitment to developing a skill, acquiring knowledge or experience, or participating in activities related to school or the community. 

    >>Click here to download a 2018 Granting Dreams grant application for Parkway K-12 students. To fill in the application online: 1) Click the grant application link; 2) download/save the grant application to your computer; 3) open the grant application in Adobe Acrobat Reader (the typing fields should display in gray boxes). The grant application also can be printed, then filled in with a pen or pencil.

    The Thomas Phelps Entrepreneurial Award is designed for high-school students interested in launching a business. The award provides up to $1,000 per application. More than one student can be listed as the "applicant" on an award application, but only one award will be given per application. 

    >>Click here to download a 2018 Thomas Phelps Entrepreneurship Award (grades 9-12).

    The John L. Baker Music Scholars Award is designed for high-school band students in grades 10-11 who want to expand their music studies and strengthen their high-school band through leadership. This grant provides up to $250 per grantee.

    Note: Applications for the Baker Music Scholars Award must be attached to a completed Granting Dreams application.

    >>Click here to downlad a 2018 John L. Baker Music Scholars Award application (grades 10-11).