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  • If you're considering making a donation for Granting Dreams, thank you! Your contribution will be much appreciated and used by students who are motivated to learn outside the classroom. Please read on to learn more about the program...

    Since 1996, Parkway students (K-12) have been pursuing their learning goals away from school with grants offered through the Granting Dreams program.

    Students apply for financial assistance to attend camps and classes, and purchase materials. They also apply for opportunities to shadow community professionals. 

    In 2020, the PAA awarded a total of $13,500 to 250 students who applied for grants.

    Three grant opportunities are available from the Parkway Alumni Association (PAA). These grant opportunities include:

    • Dream Grants – Parkway students (K-12) can apply for grants (up to $250) to help pay for extracurricular learning experiences and materials, or for free community resources, such as a job shadowing opportunity. Students are encouraged to submit requests that will help them expand their skills, gain knowledge or experience, or participate in school-related or community activities.

    • Thomas Phelps Entrepreneurial Awards – Parkway students (grades 9-12) who are interested in an entrepreneurial endeavor can apply for this grant (up to $1,000).

    • John Baker Music Scholarships – Parkway students (grades 10-11) who are interested in a music-related opportunity and participate in one of the Parkway high school bands (concert, marching, jazz) can apply for this grant (up to $250)

    Who funds the grants? Grants awarded through the PAA’s Granting Dreams Program are funded solely by donations made to the Parkway Alumni Association. For more information, visit ParkwayAlumni.org.

    Is there a limit on the amount of money/grants students can get? Grants are awarded up to the maximum amount allowed for each type of grant (see above). The PAA often grants part of the cost of a learning experience, but not all of itthe student and parent/guardian are responsible for any remaining costs.

    Who can apply? All current, full-time Parkway students are eligible. Grants are awarded to individual students, not groups of students. Students whose applications are associated with a political or religious agenda will not be approved for a grant. Due to NCAA eligibility rules, students who have finished eighth grade will not be granted money for athletic endeavors.

    Who reviews the applications? The PAA Granting Dreams Selection Committee is comprised of Parkway alumni, teachers, administrators, parents and citizens. Their decisions on grant applications will become final after approval by the PAA Board of Directors. Applications are judged solely on their merit — no personally identifying information will be given to the committee. Grants are awarded based on student eligibility, merit of the dream experience and quality of the application.

    Questions? Please call the Parkway Alumni Association at (314) 415-8074.

Last Modified on February 29, 2024