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Parkway honored by UnitedHealthcare for creating a winning culture of wellness

7/28/2017 -- UnitedHealthcare recognized the Parkway School District for implementing a successful workplace wellness program to improve the health and well-being of its employees.


Parkway was one of 10 organizations across the United States presented with UnitedHealthcare’s “Well Deserved” award for its wellness program that produced a culture of better health in the workplace.


Parkway distinguished itself by creating an innovative wellness program during the 2016-2017 school year. Fifteen wellness programs were implemented across the district for Parkway employees, such as providing an onsite gym, financial wellness education, mindfulness programs and mobile mammography.


"The Parkway School District is a great example of how an organization can support its employees’ desire to improve their health and lead by example,” said Pat Quinn, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual of Missouri. “Employees with access to wellness programs will see a positive impact on their health, and employers also benefit from enhanced morale, increased productivity, lower absenteeism and lower medical costs.”


“Parkway’s wellness program is an important part of our strategic plan, and we appreciate our partnership with UnitedHealthcare," said Superintendent Keith Marty. “Maintaining a culture of health and well-being is beneficial to the staff and serves as a model for our students.”


This is UnitedHealthcare’s ninth year of recognizing employers who demonstrate a commitment to improving their employees’ health and well-being through innovative wellness programs. UnitedHealthcare worked with an external broker review panel to review and judge all Well Deserved award applicants.


A recent analysis by UnitedHealthcare demonstrated that employees of Well Deserved award winners showed positive health care decision-making in many key areas including wellness and preventive screening compliance, selecting appropriate places of care, and using care providers that rank highly in terms of quality care and cost-efficiency.


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