• 2024 Albert Awards

    The Albert Awards were created by the Parkway Alumni Association in honor of Dr. Albert Burr, a former teacher and coach who became principal first of Parkway Central High and later of West High. The program provides recognition to teachers who are within the first five years of their teaching career and have demonstrated a strong commitment to their profession. The awards are supported by the Parkway Alumni Association’s Educators Make a Difference Fund.

    Throughout his half-century in education, Burr motivated countless educators to find their potential as educators through his professional practice and public speaking. A retired teacher, coach, and long-distinguished principal in the Parkway School District, he inspired his colleagues to set high standards for themselves in education and in life.

    Nominees must be Parkway teachers who have been teaching for five or fewer years. Teachers can be nominated by fellow teachers and administrators in the Parkway School District.  Nominations must be approved by the supervising principal.

    The main criterion for nomination is excellence in teaching.  Additionally, please consider the following factors:
    • How the teacher makes a difference in his/her classroom
    • How she/he creates connections with students
    • How she/he motivates and inspires colleagues.

    The Albert Award is given to three teachers each year—one elementary teacher, one middle-school teacher and one high-school teacher. Each winner will receive recognition and $1,000 from the Parkway Alumni Association.

    Nominations must be made by a current Parkway teacher or school administrator. Letters of support from education staff, parents, volunteers and community members may be submitted in addition to the nomination form and are strongly encouraged!

    Because no copies of the nominations will be released by the Parkway Alumni Association, nominators should retain a copy of their submission for their records.

    Nominations can be submitted by completing and submitting this form. If your nomination includes letters of support, please mail these materials to Parkway Alumni Association at the Administrative Center or email to sriutcel@ParkwaySchools.net.

    All nomination materials MUST BE RECEIVED by 11:59 p.m. on February 8 to be considered for the awards. 

    Questions? Please contact PAA Executive Director Sandy Riutcel at 314-415-8074 or email sriutcel@parkwayschools.net.

Last Modified on February 9, 2024