• Central High is proud to share that 28 students (26 seniors and 2 juniors) earned a Missouri Seal of Biliteracy for the 2020-2021 school year (two students earned two seals bringing our total to 30). Please click on the link above to learn more about the Seal and join me in congratulating these students on their accomplishment! Special thanks to Annie PerezAndrea Williamson, and Christie Stasczuk from our World Languages Department for facilitating this process and supporting students. 
    Sheryar Ahmed - Urdu
    Harshit Bishnoi - Hindi
    Miranda Blatt - Spanish 
    Jacob Chasnoff - Spanish
    Aayush Gauba - Hindi
    Zhirui He - Mandarin Chinese
    Emily He - Mandarin Chinese
    Colby Heimburger - Spanish
    Cinthia Hernández Hernández - Spanish
    Eli Hofer - Spanish
    Ruxin Huang - Mandarin Chinese
    Jaryeong Kim - Korean
    Sydney Kolker - Spanish
    Tiffany Leung - Spanish
    Bangyan Li - Mandarin Chinese
    Hannah Li - Spanish
    Nicole Lindberg - Spanish
    Juliana Martin - Spanish & French
    Grace McGowan - Spanish
    Akansha Negi - Hindi
    Fagan O’Connor - Spanish
    Samantha Qian - Mandarin Chinese
    Peter Schaefer - Spanish
    Elizabeth Wangley - Spanish
    Evan Weidner - Spanish
    Ellory Weinstein - German 
    Daniel Baris - Spanish
    Victor Aceiro - Spanish / Portuguese (Distinguished Seal)