• The Project Graduation trend began over 20 years ago in the state of Maine in response to the tragic loss of 18 lives, in a span of 2 years, in alcohol related crashes during the graduation season. The first Project Graduation night was such a hit that it was quickly adopted by other high schools throughout the nation. Graduation night and prom night are statistically the two most deadly nights for high school teenagers; as a result, the parents of the PCH graduating seniors host a drug and alcohol free party that gives kids an alternative way of celebrating this special occasion.

    Parkway Central High School's Project Graduation Party is a lock-in that begins after the graduation ceremony and continues into the following morning. The night is filled with many planned activities, entertainment, games, prizes, raffles and plenty of food. The party is available to all students. Over the last several years we have had a 99% attendance rate.

    Fundraising for the Project Graduation party usually begins during the class's freshman year and continues through their senior year.


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