Children grow and change rapidly through their early years! Screening provides information about a child's speech, language, motor, cognitive & social-emotional development relative to their age. Information, ideas and activities to promote positive growth and development are provided during the appointment. *For children under 3 years, please enroll in the Parkway Parents as Teachers program. Screenings take place during home visits. 

    (Play-based screenings will resume on August 19, after summer break.  Complete the request form for priority when screening resumes) Click here: 3 - 5 PLAY-BASED SCREENING

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    • One parent/guardian per child
    • Siblings are not allowed to attend screenings.


    Comments From Parents:

    • "This is the perfect place for the kids to have fun while being observed by gentle, fun teachers."
    • "It's helpful to really see how she interacts with peers and other adults....this was so FUN to watch!"
    • "Kind people, great process and experience."