• All screenings appointments that were scheduled
    between March 23 and May 1
    will be rescheduled for the 2020-21 school year.  
    Due to COVID-19's uncertain impact on the future,
    we will not begin rescheduling appointments until we return to work in the fall.  
    Thank you for your patience & understanding during this uncertain time.
    We hope your family stays safe & healthy
    and we look forward to serving our Parkway community soon! 




    Free for children ages 3-5 years who are Parkway residents.  

    For children under 3 years, please enroll in Parents as Teachers for a screening. 

    This play-based developmental screening is a fun way to see your child's development in:

    • Communication
    • Social/emotional behavior
    • Motor skills (fine and gross motor)
    • Cognition
    • Hearing and vision screening included

     Quotes by parents:

    "This is the perfect place for the kids to have fun while being observed by gentle, fun teachers."

    "It's helpful to really see how she interacts with peers and other adults....this was so FUN to watch!"

    "Kind people, great process and experience."

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    For more information, call (314) 415-6969.


    The Screening Team

             The Screening Team