• Granting Dreams for K-12 Students

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     The Granting Dreams program is designed to turn dreams into realities for students eager to further their learning or explore new opportunities. Grant requests range from Japanese lessons for a grade school youngster, to a medical mission trip to Honduras and a student wanting to take a robotics class.

    Grants of financial support of up to $250 are awarded, as well as grants of community resources and/or alumni support. Students are encouraged to submit requests that demonstrate a commitment to furthering skills, acquiring knowledge or experience, participating in school-related activities, or those that involve the community. 

    In 2016, The Parkway Alumni Association awarded more than $24,000 in monetary dream grants and numerous resource grants were awarded to students throughout Parkway. To date, the Parkway Alumni Association has awarded nearly $290,000 in monetary grants for students, including more than 325 community resource grants.

    Two additional grant opportunities are available to high school students through the Granting Dreams program: the Thomas Phelps Entrepreneurship Award and the John L. Baker Music Scholars Award

    >>>Download a sample Granting Dreams form here in November 2017.