• The Parkway Alumni Association Executive Committe and Board meet once per month during the school year, generally on the first Monday of each month. Please check the calandar on our home page for dates.

  • PAA Executive Committee

    President: Nico Toro [West ‘06]

    Treasurer: Mark Kamil [Central ‘95]

    Secretary: Liz Kriegshauser [Central ‘79]


    PAA Executive Board

    Michael Baugus, Ed.D. [Central ‘90]

    Mark Berry [North ‘87]

    Mark Brimer [West ‘91]

    Dr. Amy (Cohen) Brunig [North ‘86]

    Sharon (Lenger) Farley [Parkway ‘65]

    Mary (Magreiter) Hediger [Central ‘81]

    Mimi (Spener) Holder [Central ‘79]

    Ruth Jones, West Retiree

    John Kilper [North ‘01]

    Mitzi (Damper) Lowery [Central ‘90]

    Jill Loyet, Ed.D. [South ‘03]

    Xanthe (Riley) Meyer [North ‘90]

    Stacey (Montgomery) Myeton, Ed.D. [South ‘81]

    Ken Safran [Central ‘83]

    Thomas M. Smith, Ed.D. [West ‘75]

    Paul Tandy, Parkway Chief Communications Officer

    Susie (Fitzsimmons) Veron [Central ‘79]

    Kay Wunder [Parkway ‘64], West Retiree 


    PAA Executive Director

    Amy (Cole) Buehler [West ‘84] - Amy@ParkwayAlumni.org


    PAA Communications/Development Specialist

    Deana Parsons - dparsons@parkwayschools.net


  • PAA Honorary Board

    Jeff Altman, Central ‘79

    Frank Burke, Central Retiree

    Al Burr, Central and West Retiree*

    Robert Dean, West ‘78

    Steve Friedman, North ‘76

    William Glastris, West ‘78

    Don Goldman, Central ‘72

    Greg Guest, South ‘79

    Jere Hochman

    Jenny (Skinner) Hosch, West ‘78 

    Mark Kaltenrieder, North ‘76

    Mark Lincoln, North ‘76

    William Myer, Central Retiree

    Owen Nagel, South Retiree

    Karen (Stehnach) O’Brien, Central ‘73

    Arlene (Rosen) O’Connell, Central ‘72

    Beth Plunkett, West Retiree

    Bob Schapp, North ‘75

    Don Senti

    Gloria (Small) Sexton, Parkway ‘59*

    John Siemers

    Doris (Detmer) Theiss, Central ‘61

    Pete Wittmann, Central ‘67