• Cappies is an international program for recognizing, celebrating, and providing learning experiences for high school theatre and journalism students and teenage playwrights.  


    There are currently 17 Cappies programs in the U.S. and Canada, ranging in size from five to fifty-five participating high schools. Within each program, every participating high school selects three to nine students for a critic team. After receiving intensive training in theater criticism and review writing, they attend plays and musicals at other high schools in their area. They write reviews (of roughly 400 words) on deadline. Volunteer teacher-mentors lead discussions and select the critic-written reviews that are later published by area newspapers, with student bylines. At the end of the school year, within each program, critics who review the required minimum number of shows (usually 5) become judges for Cappies nominations and awards. Except for critic awards (determined by a digital formula), all Cappie nominations and awards are decided by student critics.



    • Kick off Picnic will be the 3rd or 4th Saturday in August, 2014
    • TRAINING DAY IS TBA but is held in September and is a MADATORY meeting for ALL members of the PCH Cappies Team!
    • 2015 GALA will be: May 16, 2015 with rehearsal on May 15 held at Lindenwood University's J. Sheidegger Center for the Arts