1. Required Courses are on the Infinite Campus Student Portal and have been recommended by West High students’ first semester teachers. West Middle’s recommendations are made by the West High teacher leaders. Please write these courses on your Registration Worksheet. If you have any questions regarding the placement, please contact the teacher or teacher leader.
    2. If a Required Course placement has been approved to be changed, write the correct course number and name on your Registration Worksheet or Request Summary (Student Portal printout). Any changes for a Required Course will require the signature of your 1st semester teacher (high school only) or teacher leader.


    1. When choosing the Requested Courses, refer to:
      Graduation Requirements
      Personal Four-Year Plan of Study
      - Graphic Record
    2. Year-long courses will need to be represented by two course numbers; one for each semester. If you have any additional questions, please see your counselor or common ground teacher.


    Student registration for courses (next school year) can be completed from a home computer, in the school lab, or from any computer to which you have access. Students must have an Infinite Campus portal account and password. If you have forgotten your account number or password, please see Mr. Brown before school, after school, during lunch, or email him from your Parkway email account. If you are an 8th grader, conctact your counselor.


    Step # 1   Enter your Username and Password on the portal login screen.                                                                                                                   https://icampus.pkwy.k12.mo.us/campus/portal/parkway.jsp 

    Step #2   Click the Login link. You are now on the main portal page. 

    Step #3   Click the More Option from the index on the left of the screen, and the select Course Registration.

    Step #4   Select your high school.

    Step #5   Review the list of Required Courses* listed on your portal. These courses have already been entered by a teacher, counselor, or school administrator and cannot be changed in the portal. 
    *Required courses cannot be changed in the portal. If you would like to change any Required Course, you must get the approval (signature) of the teacher that recommended the course or the teacher leader.                               

    Step #6  The Total Number of Units (28) needed to complete the registration process can be found directly above the Course Requests list as both a % Complete and Units (x/28). Each semester course is equal to two units.        

    • The first number (10/28) tells you how many units have been requested.                          
    • The second number (10/28) tells you how many total units are needed.
    • Both numbers should be the same when you are finished choosing your Requested Courses (28/28) and the completion bar should show 100%.

    Step #7  Begin choosing your courses for the next school year. 

    1. Click the Add Course button and a list of available courses will appear.    
    2. To search for a course, either scroll down the list or enter the course NAME or NUMBER in the search box.
    3. Click on any course listed to view the course description.
    4. To request this course WITHOUT clicking for the description, click Blue + button next to the course name and choosing Request or Alternate** accordingly.
    5. To request this course AFTER clicking for the description, click on Add Request or Add Alternate** accordingly and then click <BACK at the top.
      **Alternate courses are substituted if a requested course cannot be placed in your final schedule.
    6. Year-long courses will have two course numbers. One will end with a “1” and the other with a “2”. Be sure to request both semesters! Example: Accounting 1, # 037111 (1st semester) and Accounting 1, #037112 (2nd semester)
    7. You are finished choosing your courses when the Units are completed, Units (28/28), AND you have chosen four Alternate Courses.
    8. Click on <Back at the top.

    Step #8   Print your list of requests by clicking the Print button at the bottom

    Step #9   Sign the printed Request Summary and have your parent/guardian sign it, also. 

    Step #10   You are now finished registering online.

    To prevent others from accessing your portal and changing your requested courses, be sure to click the Log Off option in the Index, rather than closing the browser. This will end the session and bring you back to the log-in screen.

    Step #11  Turn in your Request Summary with your Registration Worksheet to your 8th grade math teacher OR to 2nd hour teacher (9th-11th graders) by Friday, Jan 17th. 

    *Be sure you have the signatures of your teachers or teacher leaders if you would like to change a Required Course before turning in your Request Summary (see Step #5).