Academic Lab


    Academic Lab provides time during the school day that affords students better access to resources needed for academic success.  Opportunities available to students during this Lab might include:


    • making up assignments or tests
    • getting help from teachers
    • meeting with counselors and administrators
    • studying and doing school work
    • utilizing resources of the library and computer labs


    Academic Lab may also be used to complete tasks which are not related to classroom work that previously took time away from regular classes. Examples include:

    • class meetings
    • assemblies
    • special presentations
    • standardized testing




    In order for Academic Lab to be a time that enables students to enhance their success, the following guidelines will be used:


    1.  Come in, place book bag on the table, get your reading material and have a seat. Students will remain in Ac Lab for the first 13 minutes for announcements, attendance and to prepare passes for “regular” and “directed travel”.  Travel will begin at 9:25 am.

    2.  “Regular travel” students must have passes signed and ready prior to coming Ac Lab.  All Ac Lab cards must be signed by the lab teachers prior to leaving the Lab.

    3.  Students must go directly to their requested destinations.  They are not to go to lockers, vending machines, restrooms, other parts of the school, or other teachers’ rooms unless noted on their Lab Pass.  Hall monitors will check your passes and cards.

    4.  Students will be expected to reach their scheduled destination within four (4) minutes.

    5.  Students who remain in their Lab classrooms must work quietly and respect others’ need to do the same.

    6.  Students are expected to return (10:35am) to their ac lab homeroom promptly before class is over turn in their pass.

    7.  Students who do not meet these guidelines/expectations risk losing their Academic lab privileges and may face other disciplinary consequences.





    A citizenship grade of O, S, I, or U will be given based on how the student adheres to the guidelines and expectations of THIS Academic Lab.


    1.  Be seated and ready to read when the bell rings and remain seated until dismissed by teacher.

    2.  Come to lab prepared to work (books, writing utensils, reading material, etc)

    3.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    4.  Keep your surrounding area and the classroom in general.

    5.  Read/Work quietly and respect others’ need to do the same.

    6.  Do not use obscene gestures or obscene language.

    7.  No radios, food, candy or drink in class.  (water ok)

    8.  The theatre storage area is off limits, unless otherwise instructed.

    9.  Computers may ONLY be used by students who are doing school work and approved by Mrs. Voss.