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    Grades:  9-12
    ½ Elective credit
    Prerequisite: None

    This course is designed for any student interested in developing his/her leadership potential and learning the basic concepts of leadership skills.  Topics include:  communication and interpersonal skills, time management, meeting skills, problem solving, and goal setting. Classroom activities will be combined with practical school- community projects to demonstrate skills learned in class. Students who desire to become leaders in future endeavors or for current school organizations or activities/athletics are encouraged to enroll.

    997001 & 997002 - CADET TEACHING
    Grades:  11-12
    ½ Elective credit
    Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior in good standing. Minimum GPA of 2.5 for placement at an elementary school and 3.0 for placement at a secondary school. See Mr. Lawrence for application.

    This course is offered to junior senior students who have an interest in pursuing a degree in teaching or are wanting to gain mentoring/tutoring hours to use toward their A+ status. Students will assist and observe cooperating teachers within the school. The student will share in the work of the cooperating teacher and will perform a variety of teaching-related tasks under the direction of a certified teacher. The program requires that the student be responsible, dependable, and maintain a good work ethic. Placement options include:  North High, Northeast Middle, and Bellerive, Craig, McKelvey, Ross Elementary schools, and Parkway's Preschool. For placement at an off-campus site, the students must provide their own transportation. Please indicate 1st semester, 2nd semester, or both.

    Grade: 12
    ½ Elective credit
    Prerequisite: Senior standing

    The addition of a community service and social justice program will become the hallmark of a Parkway education and will elevate Parkway to leadership status nationwide.  The call to reform education and create students who are thriving democratic citizens is demanding public education to move in the direction of service learning.  This course will support personal projects and its senior student’s participating in weekly service at multiple agencies in the St. Louis area and perhaps beyond.  Imagine over 1000 senior students devoting more than 56,000 hours to serving those in need. Each student will be encouraged to engage the world in a loving way and reform structures in a way that leads to justice.  The ultimate goal will be to generate students who tie community service to academic analysis of justice issues and graduate with the ability to make life choices informed by the context of social justice.

    995641 & 995642 (Year-long) - INTERVENTION AND INSTRUCTION (I^2)
    Grade: 9
    1 Elective credit
    Prerequisite: Administrator recommendation only

    During this course, students receive direct instruction in prerequisite math, reading, and writing skills required for Algebra 1 and English 1. Differentiated instruction is the foundation of this course, as staff work with students to increase their academic capability, confidence and curiosity.   Pre-assessments are used to identify specific mathematics skill gaps, then each student is prescribed lessons and practice problems specific to their individual learning needs.  Formative and summative assessments are given throughout the course to ensure students are retaining these math skills.  In addition, staff administers a baseline reading assessment, and then assigns non-fiction reading articles targeted to each student's individual reading level.  Students complete a short comprehension quiz, and also complete a brief, written assignment for each article. Students set learning goals and develop skills needed in order help monitor their own progress.  Staff works closely with Algebra 1 and English 1 teachers to provide academic support for the students enrolled in these classes.