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    North High will host our 8th Annual Service Day on Thursday April 11, 2024

     Our entire school community takes the opportunity this day to give back in the St. Louis area through various community service opportunities. On this day students and staff will have courageous conversations and participate in service learning experiences to better understand issues of social justice for the benefit of all students and our community. Together we will begin to answer these questions: What is community?  What is your community? How do you contribute to your community?
    What does this day look like?
    • Numerous non-profit organizations engage our freshmen-senior classes in hands-on experiences that educate them on the importance of service.
    • Many of our students travel offsite to serve at local elementary schools and hospitals, independent living centers, urban farms, animal rescue shelters, food pantries, and elderly care and family support centers.
    • North High juniors and seniors will host and run our 17th Special Olympics Track meet with nearly 250 athletes and support from the freshmen-senior classes.
    • Our students, staff, and faculty assist in preparation, organization, and supervision of the entire day.

     Parkway's District Vision - We succeed when all our students and graduates are:

    • acting out of a strong sense of personal, social, and civic responsibility.
    • always seeking to understand the views, values, and cultures of others.

    Please contact Alyssa BrayService Day Student Leader