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  • Where do I start the college application process?
    Below are the PROCEDURAL STEPS all seniors must follow in order to successfully apply to colleges.  Before you begin that process, we strongly recommend watching the following video series to familiarize yourself with timelines and terminology within the college admissions process:

    PART 1:  Preparation (40 min) | Highlighting action items to be completed between spring semester Junior Year and August 1st before fall semester Senior Year

    PART 2: Applications (40 min) | the nuts-and-bolts of the college application process starting on August 1st and going into fall semester Senior Year

    PART 3: Financial Aid & Scholarships (13 min) | Brief overview of tools to help determine cost and how to support paying for college

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    1.  Electronic Transcript Release Form | click HERE to complete this form required first before WHS can send your supporting documentation (i.e. transcripts, letter of rec, etc.) to colleges per your request 
    2.  Complete Your College Applications | if you apply to any colleges using the Common Application, you must first create a Common Application account
    3.  Naviance Student – “Colleges I’m Applying to” | be sure all of the colleges you applied to in step #2 are listed within this section in your Naviance Student account.  If not, be sure to add any missing colleges on your “Colleges I’m Applying to” list.  If you applied to any colleges using the Common Application, these colleges will need to be mirrored in both your Common Application and Naviance Student accounts, and you must match your accounts before documentation can be sent to colleges per your request.
    4.  Application Types & Deadlines | ensure that all of the colleges you have listed on your “Colleges I’m Applying to” page have accurate app types and deadlines list.  If not, edit the colleges on your list to reflect accurate information.
    5.  Request Transcripts | submit transcript requests using your Naviance Student account.  Be sure to select “Initial” for the type of transcript to be sent and whether or not you want WHS to send your test scores on file.
    (possible additional steps)
    6.  Teacher Recommendations | if any colleges require teacher letters of recommendation, you must follow THIS process to formally submit those requests
    7.  Counselor Communication & Recommendations | If you applied to any colleges using the Common Application, a counselor must complete a Secondary School Report.  Some colleges also require a Counselor Recommendation.  It is your responsibility to communicate with either Mr. Lorenz, College Counselor, or your Comprehensive Counselor (your discretion) to complete either/both of these on your behalf.  If your college requires a Counselor Recommendation, you must follow THIS process.


    Naviance Student
    Building a List of Colleges I’m Applying To
    Editing Colleges I’m Applying To
    Requesting to Send Transcripts & Documentation to Colleges
    Teacher Letter of Recommendation Requests
    Counselor Letter of Recommendation Requests

    Common Application

    Creating an Account
    Account Matching with Naviance Student