Parkway Choice Programs

  • Choice Programs offer students in the Parkway School District the opportunity to pursue a personal direction by providing access to high quality educational experiences outside of the walls of a traditional school and/or traditional calendar.

    SPARK!  website
    Spark! provides high school students in the Parkway and Rockwood School Districts with dynamic, immersion-based student learning experiences to ensure students can understand and respond to an ever-changing world. To accomplish this task, we actively engage and work collaboratively with business partners, community service and educational leaders to design and develop mutually beneficial learning experiences based on the interests of students and stakeholders. Spark! serves students from all Parkway and Rockwood schools. Spark! is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of the future, especially in high skill, high demand jobs. 

    In 2021-2022, Spark! will offer 6 strands:

    • Incubator
    • Engineering
    • Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy
    • Sports Medicine
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Technology Solutions

    Parkway Virtual Courses  website
    Virtual learning or "Complete Virtual Learning" as it is often called, refers to a course that is taken completely online by the student. The student may not attend a traditional "brick and mortar" school building to take a virtual course. Communication with the instructor and other students is done primarily via electronic communication.  The creation of virtual learning environments in the Parkway School District allows our schools to expand their curricular offerings in advanced and specialty courses as well as technical, remedial, and required courses.  By providing students with virtual learning options for credit attainment, Parkway directly addresses the mission of creating curious, confident and capable students in an ever changing world.

    Early College Partnership  website
    The Early College Partnership (ECP) is a full-immersion, early entrance to college program located on the campus of St. Louis Community College (STLCC) at Wildwood.  Students attend the ECP for two years, replacing the junior and senior years of traditional high school. While in the ECP, students engage in a curriculum consisting of all college coursework taught by professors at STLCC-Wildwood.  Upon successful completion, students earn an Associate of Arts degree, as well as a high school diploma. This program is offered in partnership with STLCC at Wildwood and the Rockwood School District.

    Fern Ridge  website
    Fern Ridge serves as an extension of Parkway’s four traditional high schools. Designed for students in grades 10 through 12 who prefer a small and personalized school setting, the program provides individual, small group, and whole group learning opportunities. Teachers utilize Parkway curriculum and students receive Parkway credit. Transportation is provided. Admission is based not only on the program’s ability to meet a student’s academic, social, and emotional needs, but also on a student’s desire and level of commitment to be successful.  The admissions application may be found on their website.

    South Technical High School  website
    In collaboration with partner districts, South Technical High School provides technical education designed to ensure the student's successful contribution to our community.  South Tech offers students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to explore options and experience interests from 24 different technical majors.
    Click HERE for a video presentation of South Tech.

    For more information regarding Choice Programs, please contact:

    Dr. Jennifer Stanfill
    Director of Choice Programs
    (314) 415-8450