Freshman Year

  • FOCUS: Transition to High School & Personal Plan of Study

    Transition planning involves academic rigor, extracurricular involvement, and balancing school commitments.  Creating a 4-year Plan based on a Personal Plan of Study helps to align current and future course selections with personal and career areas of interest.

    Post-Secondary Prep Checklist

    Freshman Workshop for Success

    This Presentation covers the following topics:
      > What Do Your Counselor Do?
      > Credits, Transcipts, and GPA
      > Activites and Clubs
      > Coping With Stress
      > Intro to Naviance and Strengths Explorer

    Curriculum Modules


    Naviance Student

    Naviance Student is the program Counseling uses to deliver curriculum, facilitate self-exploration assessments, and to assist with the college search and application process.  Students will be guided to access grade level-specific curriculum throughout high school to aid in their growth and development as they prepare for post-secondary.  In this video, you will learn about how to access this online program along with a general overview of the tools that can be found there.  

    Resume Builder

    Naviance Student offers Resume Builder to provide a framework for your resume developement.  Resume Builder can be used to decide and work on different resume sections, and then the build tool can be used to export the resume as a PDF or Word file. Documenting your activities and accomplishments is an important part of preparing for the college admissions process, as some college, scholarship, and other post-secondary applications will require your achievements to be part of those processes.  Refer to this video or this instruction worksheet to walk you through how to utilize the Resume-Builder tool in your Naviance Student account.

    Creating A 4-Year Plan

    During your freshman year of high school, you will start planning your courses utilizing your interests and strengths. This video walks through the importance of creating a 4-Year Plan, factors to consider when doing so, and an overview of the worksheet to help facilitate the process.  This credit wheel will also help you with this process.  Counselors will keep track of courses completed throughout your high school career on this graduation requirements worksheet.


    Testive is the free personalized learning platform that helps you improve your ACT/SAT scores on your schedule and at your pace.  This video will explain how to access Testive in order to get started with your FREE test prep.

    A+ Program

    The A+ Program is a program sponsored by the state of Missouri that, as long as specific criteria is met by the end of high school, graduates will qualify to use A+ monies to pay full tuition at community colleges or technical schools.