Transcripts/Test Scores Required for NCAA/NAIA

  • The NCAA and NAIA require a high school transcript and test scores to complete eligibility requirements.

    NCAA Division I and II and the NAIA require an initial transcript (at the completion of six semesters) and a final transcript to be submitted. The student will need to submit the request in Naviance Student and e-mail Mrs. Spotanski, NCAA/NAIA Coordinator, ( in the Counseling Department to confirm the request. After graduation, Parkway West will submit a final transcript for the students who requested an initial transcript to be sent to either NCAA or NAIA.

    In addition to transcripts, students must have their ACT or SAT test scores sent to the NCAA/NAIA.  Test scores must be submitted directly to the NCAA/NAIA from the testing agency (ACT/SAT).   You may send scores to the NCAA/NAIA when you initially register for the test (free) or log back into the student's account and pay to have them sent.  The codes to send test scores are:

    • NCAA - 9999 (will report scores to NCAA)
    • NAIA - 9876 (will report scores to NAIA)