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  • How To:  Sign Up For College Rep Visits (VIDEO 4:08 min)

    NOTE:  It is important to add any colleges you are researching to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list in your Naviance account.  If any college rep visits WHS from one of the colleges on your list, you will receive an email from Counseling informing you of the upcoming visit.  Let us help you stay current and connected with the colleges you are researching.

    What are College Rep Visits?

    In order to take advantage of the college admissions process, West High hosts representatives from various colleges and universities throughout the school year, which are beneficial to students in several ways:

    • Students only have to travel as far as the Counseling Department to meet face-to-face with College Reps from colleges around the country who are here to meet with YOU!
    • College Reps can answer many questions about the university, admissions process, campus life, scholarships and more!
    • In many cases, these College Reps are the admissions officers to first view and critique a student’s application.  If they have met the student in-person or virtually, they can put a face to a name and can advocate for the applicants.
    • Students demonstrate their interest in the college by attending these visits, and many College Reps do take notice of that demonstrated interest.
    • Click HERE for a list of questions to ask college reps.

    How do I know when colleges are visiting?

    Naviance Student | “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list
    – add colleges of interest to this list in your Naviance Student account to receive automatic notifications whenever one of your colleges schedules a visit at West.  Click HERE for step by step instructions.

    Naviance Student | “College Visits” list – view all upcoming college visits on the College Visits page in your Naviance Student account.

    College | Rep Visits Webpage – access dates for all upcoming college visits on the right-hand column of this page 

    Weekly HUB Email Blaster – Counseling sends out a weekly email blaster which includes College Rep Visits scheduled over the next two weeks.

    How does a student sign up to attend a college visit?

    Click HERE to see the step-by-step process on how to sign-up to attend College Rep Visits via your Naviance Student account.


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