Senior Year

  • FOCUS:  Graduation Checklist and College Application Prep

    Transitioniong from high school to post-secondary plans requires the successful tracking and fulfillment of graduation requirements.  Understanding the college application and admissions process is an integral component for many students looking to continue their education following graduation.

    Post-Secondary Prep Checklist

    Curriculum Modules


    Graduation Requirement Tracking

    Although your assigned counselors and administrators are also tracking your graduation requirements, it is essential that you are also putting in the work to ensure that you have or will be completing all academic requirements by the end of your senior year.  To help guide you in this process, use this worksheet  in combination with your transcript (showing complete courses/credits) and senior schedule to make these checks.

    College Planning

    Close to 90% of our graduates go on to attend 2 and 4-Year Colleges and Universities and Technical Schools, so much of our focus leading up to graduation has been placed into preparing for this post-secondary step.  Because many college application windows open on August 1st of your senior year, having your college list prepared and preparation completed for the application process is important.  To find out more information about the college search, college application, and college financial aid processes, we encourage you to visit our College | Application Process page.

    College Rep Visits

    In addition to the college search tools in Naviance Student, students can discover more about and start to develop relationships with colleges by meeting with reps who visit West High.  Find more information about which colleges are visiting when and how to sign up to meet with our reps by accessing the College | Rep Visits page.