• Infinite Campus Portal – Online Student Registration

    Central High Student Registration Portal Process

    Registration on Portal is only open from 8 am on January 24, 2023 – 8 am on February 7, 2023

    Student registration for courses (next school year) can be completed from a home computer, Chromebook, or through the Infinite Campus app.  Students must have an Infinite Campus portal account and password.  If you have forgotten your account number or password, please see your school’s Technology Specialist. 


    Step # 1

    Enter your Portal Username and Password on the portal login screen.


    Step # 2

    Click the Login link.  You are now on the main portal page.

    Step # 3

    Click on the three lines in the top left corner and then click More and then Course Registration.  Click the right arrow next to the school.  Please note that there is an option for your CHS 23-24 registration, as well as registration for summer school (use SSVP CHS 23-24).

    Step # 4

    Review the list of Required Courses* listed on your portal.  These courses have already been entered by a teacher, counselor or school administrator and cannot be changed on the portal.

    * If you would like to change any Required Course, you must have the approval (signature) of the teacher who recommended the course and/or the department leader of that content area.


    The course units total (Example: Units 04/16) is located in the top right of this screen. One semester of a course is equal to one unit.  A year-long course is equal to two units (enter course numbers for both semesters!).  Two (2) of the 16 units are reserved for Academic Lab.   Once you are finished entering your requested courses, your unit totals should reflect 16/16 and your status bar should show 100% complete.

    Step # 5

    Choose your courses for the next school year.

    1. Click the Add Course button and a search bar will appear.

    2. Begin typing the course name (ie Design Arts) or course number (ie 027000) and matching results will display below the search field. Some course titles are abbreviated, so using the course number is your best option.  

    3. Click the blue plus sign on the left of the course you wish to add.

    4. Click on any course listed to view the course description and/or to request the course.

    5. In the popup message that displays, you will need to select Request, Alternate or Cancel.

    *Alternate courses are substituted if a requested course cannot be placed in your final schedule.

    1. Year-long courses will have two course numbers.  One will end with a “1” and the other with a “2”.  Be sure to request both semesters

    Example:  Accounting 1, #037111 (1st semester) and Accounting 1, #037112 (2nd semester)

    1. You are finished choosing your courses when the Units are completed (Units (16/16)), and you have chosen at least four Alternate Courses.

    Step # 6

    Review CHS 23-24 Course Requests. When you are finished requesting courses, review the requests you have made and make adjustments as needed.  Click the Print button, which will generate a PDF of your required and requested courses.  Save a copy for your records and then print a copy.

    Step # 7

    Sign the printed Request Summary for CHS 23-24 and have your parent/guardian sign it, as well.

    Step # 8

    **8th Grade Students: turn in the following 3 documents no later than February 7, 2023 to Mrs. Keating in PCM Counseling: (1) signed Infinite Campus Request Summary printout, (2) Registration Worksheet and (3) Personal Plan of Study.

    **9th, 10th and 11th Grade Students: turn in the following 2 documents no later than 8:00 a.m. on February 7, 2023 to the PCH Counseling Office: (1) signed Infinite Campus Request Summary printout and (2) Registration Worksheet.  The Personal Plan of Study (required Gr 9-10)  is completed through Course Planner in Naviance, so make any necessary updates there.