• Credit Wheel


    A planned four-year program of twenty-four units of credit is the minimum requirement for a diploma from a Parkway High School.  Required units are divided into specific curricular areas as depicted on the wheel above.

    Social Studies: Must include 1.0 credit of US History, 1.0 credit of World History and 0.5 credit of US Government.

    Science: Must include 1.0 credit of Biology and 1.0 credit of a physical science.

    Career & Technical Ed: Fulfilled through courses in Business & Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology Education, Yearbook or Newspaper.

    Fine Arts: Fulfilled through courses in Art, Music or Theatre.

    Electives: Courses include those designated as “Elective” only credit (World Language courses, prep/support classes, etc), as well as any courses taken above the minimum requirements in all other categories, as well as courses (4th credit of math, science, social studies or additional units of Fine Arts, CTE or PE) .

    Required Assessments: In addition to the credits listed above, students must pass the United States Constitution and Missouri Constitution tests (which are included in the required Government course) and complete specific state-required End of Course exams and the American Civics assessment.

    The above requirements represent the minimum credits necessary for graduation from Parkway. Entrance requirements for universities/colleges may differ (i.e. 4 credits of math, 1-3 credits of World Language).