Counseling Staff

Department Information


    Counselors serve many different roles towards meeting student needs:

    • 4-Year Course Planning and Scheduling
    • Post-Secondary Advisement and Goal-Setting
    • Social-Emotional Counseling, Support, and Referrals
    • Navigating School Life and Extracurricular Involvement


    The Counseling Department has a progression of activities in place to assist with appropriate student development dependent upon age and grade level.  The primary goals within our Guidance Curriculum focuses on the development of a 4-Year High School Course Plan, acclimation to high school life and academic expectations, discovering more about self and how those attributes apply to real-world careers and academic opportunities, post-secondary planning, and life skills.


    All counselor appointments are set up by Cindy Devine, who can be found at the front desk in the Counseling Department.