• Sandy Finch Light of Parkway Fund

    Finches Thanks to a generous financial contribution from a retired Parkway bus driver and his family, operations staff who work for the Parkway School District will have the opportunity to receive some well-deserved recognition for demonstrating exceptional character and a positive attitude.

    The Sandy Finch Light of Parkway Fund was created Gordon Finch and his family in memory of his late wife Sandy. The fund will finance the Light of Parkway Award, which will be presented annually to selected operations staff members who work in the district and best exemplify the award’s criteria. Operations staff includes but is not limited to secretaries, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and custodians. Awardees will have demonstrated character attributes such as showing respect to others, showing joy in serving others and “being the miracle for someone else each day.”

    The Light of Parkway Award is the first award that has ever been designated specifically for non-certified personnel in Parkway. The Finches wanted to create a program that inspired stronger relationships and positive feelings among Parkway operations staff. Both Finches drove school buses for Parkway and SSD for 25 years. Sandy unfortunately succumbed to cancer in 2015. Gordon retired in May 2016.

    Nominations for the award will be accepted from the district’s operations staff for the first time in early 2017. A committee will then select up to five nominees to receive the award. Awardees each will receive $500, a plaque and recognition at the district’s annual Appreciation Night event in April. The PAA will participate on the award selection committee and will administer the fund.

    For more information, contact Sandy Riutcel, PAA executive director, at (314) 415-8074.