• Kurt Schoor Memorial Fund

    The Kurt Schoor Memorial Fund provides Dream Grants to Parkway K-12 students through the PAA's Granting Dreams program. The grants provided through this fund go to students whose applications are for academic endeavors and experiences that expand their learning about topics that have captured their interest. Camps, courses, educational tours and supplies are often covered or partially covered for students who receive Schoor grants.

    The first grants from the Schoor Fund were presented to Parkway students in 1997 by Jeff Altman, Kurt's life-long best friend. Altman and Schoor attended Central schools together throughout their childhood, graduating from Parkway Central in 1979. They continued their close friendship into adulthood, sharing their respective family's milestone moments until Schoor died of a heart condition in 1994. (To read a great story in the Orange County Register [Sept. 8, 2012] about Jeff and his friendship with Kurt, click here.)

    In Kurt's memory, Jeff nurtures the fund by conducting an annual appeal for donations. 

    For more information, contact the PAA at (314) 415-8074 or ParkwayAlumni@ParkwaySchools.net.