• English


    The English Department Bulletin Board: Posted are a variety of enrichment programs which are available during both the school year and summer break. In addition, students should check periodically for information regarding writing contests.

    The study of literature, composition and grammar skills forms the basis of the three sequential courses offered by the English Department in English I, English II and English III. English Literature, African-American Literature and composition courses are among the choices available for the senior year. Students may pursue information concerning these courses and a variety of electives in the online course guide.

    Students may qualify for college credit through dual enrollment in Advanced Placement English and Senior Composition at Parkway Central and in the Advanced Credit program available through the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In addition, students in Advanced Placement English may earn credit for a second university level course in literature. Students may also elect to take the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition examination to qualify for college credit.