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  • Optional Summer Skill Sets


    Please click on the class that you will be taking next year.  If a class is not listed, then there is no Summer Skill Set suggested for the course.  If you are unsure, please contact Mr. Lehmann at   We encourage students going into these courses to complete these activities to the best of their ability.  The assignments will not be counted for a grade in the fall, but this will still provide you with a strong preparation for the expectations of the course next year.


    If the file you open says 2020 before the link, then it has been updated for summer 2020.


    Honors Geometry

    2020 Honors Algebra 2 Trigonometry   (Updated 5/27/20)

    2020 College Algebra

    2020 Pre-Calculus    (Updated 5/27/20)


    2020 Honors Pre-Calculus 

    2020 Calculus AB  (solution key)    (Updated 5/27/20)

    Calculus BC