• Health & Physical Education




    The Health & Physical Education department offers a comprehensive variety of courses which are designed to enhance the personal heatlh and fitness levels of all students.  After successful completion of Physical Fitness Concepts and Health, students choose courses which appeal to their individual preferences.


           PHYSICAL FITNESS CONCEPTS – Required course for all freshman. Includes the topics of personal physical fitness, aquatics, and a limited exposure to a variety of sports activities.
           HEALTH & WELLNESS – required course for all sophomores. Includes the topics of personal wellness, nutrition, safety & first aid, disease prevention, human sexuality & healthy relationships, substance abuse & prevention, and community & environmental health.
           ADVENTURE PURSUITS - students participate in cycling, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing, and teamwork challenges. Outdoor living skills are also developed.
           LIFEGUARD TRAINING - students earn the American Red Cross Lifeguard certification as well as CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification.  This class is for students who have above average swimming skills.
          STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - students participate in a conditioning program designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility.
         WALKING FITNESS - an active class of aerobic, outdoor walking.
         AQUATIC FITNESS/LEARN TO SWIM - consists of fitness swims, stroke
     development drills, and a variety of water games. Lessons will be adapted to accommodate beginning swimmers as well as students with advanced swim skills.
        PHYSICAL FITNESS CONCEPTS II – class activities will promote the development of speed, power, balance, agility, coordination, core strength, and reaction time.   Students will also participate in a variety of team and individual sports.
       COMPETITIVE SPORTS & GAMES - students participate in a variety of competitive team sports. Activities include softball, fleetball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and floor hockey.
       LIFETIME & RECREATIONAL SPORTS - students participate in a variety of non-contact sports such as tennis, golf, volleyball, badminton, softball, & pickleball.
       MOVEMENT TO MUSIC - students participate in a variety of individual fitness pursuits such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Walking, and Aerobics (Step, Dance, and Water).  
       YOGA FOR FITNESS & WELLBEING - allows students to relieve stress and improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence through the practice of yoga.  

      AQUATIC EXPERIENCES/SCUBA - this course includes swim stroke development, scuba diving instruction, kayaking, & rowing. A fee of approximately $400 is required for PADI certification.


     PHYSICAL EDUCATION MENTOR - Students serve as assistants to provide leadership for physically and developmentally disabled students while participating in a variety of fitness games and activities.



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