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    Personal & Professional Development Pathway
    • Personal & Career Development
    • Human Relations
    • Culinary Mentor

    This pathway provides insight to further improve the quality and value of one’s life and experiences.  This pathway strengthens self-awareness, self-direction, and self-efficacy as students navigate their personal and professional lives.

    Child Development & Education
    • Child Development 1
    • Education and Training

    This pathway enhances the development of self, children, families and others in order to positively impact current and future generations.  This pathway encourages the exploration of lifespan development and how to care for and teach others.

    Culinary & Hospitality Pathway
    • Intro to Culinary & Hospitality
    • Intermediate Culinary & Hospitality
    • Advanced Culinary & Hospitality
    • International Cuisine
    • Let’s Cook Together

    This pathway is vital to life, health, and wellness.  This pathway embraces culture, builds self-sufficiency, and allows us to serve ourselves and others while enhancing the quality of life.

     Family &

    Fashion, Apparel & Housing Design Pathway
    • Fashion, Apparel and Housing Design
    • Fashion Merchandising
    • Housing & Interior Design

    This pathway inspires the ability to design and construct through elements and principles of design, consumer demands, and personal choice.  This pathway encourages creativity and personalization towards production.

    Are you interested in learning more about the Fashion, Apparel and Housing Pathway? Click here for a Course Map.



  • 097000 Introduction to Culinary and Hospitality

  • 097020 Intermediate Culinary and Hospitality

  • 097050 Advanced Culinary and Hospitality

  • 097110 International Cuisine

  • 097240 Fashion Apparel and Housing Design

  • 097250 Fashion Merchandising

  • 097280 Fashion Design and Construction

  • 097270 Fashion, Apparel, and Housing Design Capstone

  • 097400 Human Relations

  • 097420 Child Development 1

  • 097460 Personal and Career Development

  • 097540 Education and Training

  • 097550 Housing and Interior Design

  • 097950 Culinary Mentor

  • 095950 Let's Cook Together