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    Physical Education Credit and Health Credit

    The mission of the Parkway Physical Education program is to develop knowledge and understandings, attitudes and behaviors, and skills that will enable each student to develop a lifestyle in which regular vigorous physical activity is practice.

    The Physical Education Program emphasizes skill development in a wide range of sport and lifetime activities, a personalized program of physical fitness, and an understanding of the role of vigorous, regular physical activity in a healthy lifestyle.

    The Health Education Program assists in bridging the gap between health information and health practices.


  • 077100 Health and Family Education

  • 087110 Physical Fitness Concepts

  • 087140 Competitive Sports and Games

  • 087200 Strength and Conditioning

  • 087300 Adventure Pursuits

  • 087400 Walking and Low-Impact Physical Activities

  • 087820 Aquatic Experiences/SCUBA

  • 087960 Movement 2 Music

  • 087970 Yoga for Fitness and Wellbeing

  • 085950 Let's Move Together

  • 087950 P.E. Mentor