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    Career and Technical Education Credit

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    The Parkway West Technology and Engineering program supports students through curriculum, instruction, and experiences that develop STEM literacy. The overarching goal of the program is to empower students to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts and skills to navigate complex problems and to innovate with others to solve them.

    Students will participate in project- and problem-based learning as well as traditional instructional strategies geared toward different learning styles. Students will apply their knowledge through hands-on activities in the digital lab and, at times, in the shop. Technical equipment, innovative software, hand tools, and machine tools will be used simply as a tool to get the job done.


    Potential Interdisciplinary Connections

    • Business & Technology Department
      • Information Technology courses
      • Digital Media courses
    • Art – Visual Arts Department
      • Digital Design courses
      • Sculpture courses
    • South Tech High School
      • Architectural courses
      • Carpentry & Construction courses
      • Electrical & Electronics courses
      • Precision Machining courses, and more

    Extended Learning Opportunities

    Career Ties

    • Industrial Technology
      • designer, technician, programmer, planner/logistics, machine operator, technical writer
    • Pre-engineering
      • engineer, systems design engineer, engineering technician, drafter, designer, materials scientist


    Infinite Campus Name: DRAFTING
    Grade(s): 09 - 12
    Prerequisite:  None
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    Drafting is the universal language of industry, as it is used in technical fields such as architecture, electrical, machining, and mechanical technologies. In this course, students will become familiar with the fundamentals of drafting and the significance it has in our present way of life. Areas to be covered include sketching, mechanical drawing, pictorials, views of objects, and dimensioning. Students will use conventional techniques and/or CAD to complete drawings.
    Design and Technology
    Infinite Campus Name: DESIGN TECH
    Grade(s): 09 - 12
    Prerequisite:  None
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    This is a semester long course that provides opportunities for students to explore technologies in communications, design engineering, power, energy and transportation. Students will explore the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design Software and its application in the design process. Students will develop the necessary skills in design and problem solving to enable them to undertake a variety of problem solving and design tasks.
    Design and Technology 2
    Infinite Campus Name: DESIGN TECH 2
    Grade(s): 09 - 12
    Prerequisite:  Design and Technology 1 or Instructor Approval
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    This is the second course in a two semester sequence of courses that provides opportunities for students to explore technology. In Design and Technology 2, students cover information on the following systems: structural, mechanical, fluid, and alternative energy. Students analyze applications of technology through a process of investigation and exploration in these fields which create and produce manufactured goods, products, structures, and services in our society.
    Robotics Technology
    Infinite Campus Name: ROBOTCS TECH
    Grade(s): 09 - 12
    Prerequisite:  None
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    The field of robotics requires a working knowledge of electronics, mechanics and software. It is usually accompanied by a large working knowledge of many subjects. Focusing on mobile robots and using a hands-on, collaborative approach, students will be introduced to the basic concepts/systems, terminology, and programming involved in robotics. This course will be of specific interest to students interested in applications of electronics, computer science, and physics.
    Honors Introduction to Engineering Design
    Infinite Campus Name: +INT ENG DSN
    Grade(s): 09 - 12
    Prerequisite:  None
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    This honors course develops students' problem-solving skills, with emphasis on visualization and communication skills, using a computer and a 3-D solid modeling software. The student will learn to combine models into assemblies and animate the new assembled model in order to assess operation in a practical representation. Students will also learn how to import or convert the model for visual presentation or fabrication/prototyping possibilities. Students can receive 3 semester hours of transcribed college credit.  A weighted grade is given for this course.
    Honors Principles of Engineering
    Infinite Campus Name: +PRIN OF ENG
    Grade(s): 10 - 12
    Prerequisite:  Geometry and Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    This honors course is designed to be a broad-based survey course that will help students understand engineering, engineering technology and identify career possibilities. Theoretical and hands on problem-solving activities are emphasized. In this course, the students will be able to understand 3-D modeling and general engineering design principles, mechanical assembly and design, electronic control circuits, statics, properties of materials, and engineering job opportunities. Students can receive 3 semester hours of transcribed college credit.  A weighted grade is given for this course.
    Environmental Engineering
    Grade(s): 11 - 12
    Prerequisite:  Students should have experience in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and technology education.
    1/2 CTE credit each semester

    The growing market for jobs in environmental engineering is playing a central role in energy and agricultural sustainability solutions. The Environmental Engineering course develops students' thinking skills and prepares them for emerging careers through topics such as genetic engineering, biofuels, and biomanufacturing.