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    Per the Administrative Guidelines for Parkway’s Policy IKF “Diploma Requirements:” “Parkway may accept credits awarded by the Special School District (SSD) of St. Louis County to Parkway students attending (on a part or full time basis) a SSD technical high school. Transcripts are to indicate when the student attended and which courses were completed at the technical high school. Parkway grade point averages (GPA’s) and class rankings will be based only on course work completed in Parkway high schools and transferred in from a previously attended accredited high school. Parkway students completing their high school requirements on a part or full time basis at a Special School District of St. Louis County technical high school may be eligible to receive a Parkway diploma from the Parkway school within whose boundaries they reside, provided they have satisfied both State and Parkway requirements.”

    Off-campus electives at South Tech High School allow you to:

    • Get a jumpstart on college! Earn valuable college credits.
    • Create connections that last a lifetime! Mentor side by side with caring, engaging, and expert instructors.
    • Experience the best of both worlds! Participate in your home high school activities while learning skills for a lifetime.
    • Build a road map to success! Develop a customized education and career plan, together with an advisor, based on your unique interests and talents.
    • Learn tuition FREE! Take advantage of public funded career education in high school compared to paying thousands after graduation.
    • Apply for admission in your guidance office or call 314.989.8521.


    For more information go to http://southtechnical.org.