• Granting Dreams for Parkway Students

    The Parkway Alumni Association sponsors the Granting Dreams Program, which administers three types of grants to students for their educational endeavors. These grants include: Granting Dreams (Dream Grants) for Parkway K-12 students, Phelps Entrepreneurship Grants and Baker Music Scholars Awards. 

    Granting Dreams (Dream Grants) is for Parkway K-12 students eager to explore new learning opportunities. Students can be awarded up to $250 to finance their dream, or they may be awarded community resources and/or alumni support. Students are encouraged to submit requests that demonstrate a commitment to developing a skill, acquiring knowledge or experience, or participating in activities related to school or the community. 

    •The Thomas Phelps Entrepreneurial Award is designed for high-school students interested in launching a business. The award provides up to $1,000 per application. More than one student can be listed as the "applicant" on an award application, but only one award will be given per application. 

    •The John L. Baker Music Scholars Award is designed for high-school band students in grades 10-11 who want to expand their music studies and strengthen their high-school band through leadership. This grant provides up to $250 per grantee.