International Thespian Society

  • ITS Sponsor: Ms. Voss


    its   WHAT IS I.T.S. ?  

    According to the official Thespian Sponsor Handbook, "The International Thespian Society is the only organization to honor secondary school students for outstanding work in theatre.  The resolution with which the Society approaches this role is evident in its focus on the students; their achievements, involvement, and access to quality theatre arts instruction are basic concerns of ITS."

    Through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, all ITS members have earned the right to be called Thespians.  It is a title of honor, signifying a commitment to an art form as old as humanity.  Commitment to theatre is what the International Thespian Society is all about.  Since 1929, when the organization was established, the Society has grown into an international organization with more than one million members.  However, its goals haven't changed;  the Thespian Society still strives to make school a place for excellent theatre and honors those students who do theatre well.